Project Workgroups

View larger workgroup roadmapWorkgroups that include members from across campus are exploring how we can best share essential services—such as classroom technologies, service desk and desktop support, and software distribution and licensing.  

The CIO has selected a chair and core members for each workgroup based on their expertise and involvement related to the workgroup’s charge. Campus IT will also be involved in providing feedback to workgroups through “one team” reviews solicited during the process. Final recommendations from Achieve IT workgroups will provide direction for forming shared services and teams as described in the workgroup charter, including the characteristics of the service, the principles for operations, and the processes for selecting tools and technologies. Workgroup recommendations with responses from appropriate technical teams will be forwarded to the CIO. All final recommendations will be open for campuswide review and comment.

The Achieve IT project roadmap offers an at-a-glance picture of the Achieve IT workgroup timeline and project list.

Active Projects

Classroom Technology Everywhere image
Virtual Desktops Everywhere image
Service Desk Everywhere image

Project icons mark the progress of active Achieve IT workgroups. Each workgroup is following a common methodology. As a workgroup completes one of the following steps in the process, a section of the "progress icon" above is filled in: review charter, work through recommendation development questions, first "one team" review, "second "one team" review,  third "one team" review, draft final recommendation, technical team review, campuswide review.

Over the next three years, additional shared services workgroups will be established for:



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