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Wi-Fi is Growing Across Campus

The Achieve IT: Network Everywhere enterprise project was first funded in 2016 to expand Wi-Fi access and improve wireless connectivity on campus. Starting spring 2017, Wi-Fi coverage is being expanded in 19 administrative and research buildings. Additionally, another 13 buildings on campus will get network upgrades with faster internet and increased capacity. 

Wi-Fi Expansion Phase Two: 2017

Check the progress of your building below. Once the new wireless access points are installed and activated, you will enjoy more reliable Wi-Fi in that location. Learn more about Wi-Fi on campus.

Phase one was completed in August 2016 and expanded wireless access in 30 academic buildings. Learn more about phase one.

Building Planning Phase Contractor Cabling Equipment Installation Wireless Activation
Administration Building
Administrative Services Building
410 Arkansas
Arkansas Union
Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Building
Cato Springs Research Center
Davis Hall
Engineering Research Center
Facilities Management
Daniel E. Ferritor Hall
Wallace W. and Jama M. Fowler House (chancellor's residence)
Faculty Technology Center
Global Campus
Silas H. Hunt Hall
J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. Center for Academic Excellence
McIlroy House (University Press)
Printing Services / University of Arkansas Press Warehouse
Edward Durell Stone House - north
Office of Testing Services
Vol Walker Hall
340 West Avenue

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Wi-Fi Expansion Team

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