Achieve IT graphicCampus IT, under the leadership of CIO Chris McCoy, announces a new initiative, Achieve IT: Excellence in Technology.

All great research universities have one thing in common: they are unyielding in the pursuit of a research culture that cultivates creativity and innovation and advances exploration and discovery. A key component of a vibrant research culture is access to technology that differentiates the great from the average. Greatness is often defined by access to new or specialized technology; leveraging such technology is only possible when a foundation of essential services is in place. Effortless access to essential services increases productivity and frees the campus community to explore and discover without disruption.

By creating efficiencies in essential services and strengthening infrastructure, Achieve IT will create new capacity and put in place a foundation of excellence in technology. Achieve IT is the first step toward unleashing new technologies that enhance creativity, spark innovation, enable exploration, advance discovery and differentiate the University of Arkansas from the rest.

Project Workgroups

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At the University of Arkansas, IT culture is rapidly changing. A spirit of “one team” is being fostered across the campus, and campus IT is working together to launch the Achieve IT initiative.

Under the Achieve IT banner, a collaborative process to achieve excellence in IT has begun. Workgroups are exploring how we can best share essential services—such as classroom technologies, service desk and desktop support, and software distribution and licensing.  The Achieve IT project roadmap provides an at-a-glance view of workgroup projects and priorities. 

Enterprise Technology Projects

Other project teams are bringing together infrastructure experts from departments across campus. These project teams are working to improve and strengthen essential infrastructure by expanding wireless network access campuswide, rebuilding the server environment for high availability, implementing a new telephone system, and planning for future growth in research and high-performance computing. These and other projects will pave the way for modernizing campus technology and maturing IT processes. 

  • Authenticate Everywhere

  • Collaborate Everywhere

  • Data Center

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • High Performance Computing

  • Network Everywhere

  • Project Management

  • Telephony

  • Campus Web Services



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